One night, two dawns

The light was dim, the cliffs white

The flames rose high against the rosy sky,

The sharp tang of smoke, the tears in my eyes,

Crystal clear, it stays in my head,

The fire that took my mother, my life.

A broken shell, a lost soul,

A heart shattered into a million little pieces,

My life lost aim and I lost my goal

A sound sleep, was what the mind craved,

But great tests of time had to be braved,

With my head in turmoil, my being in scattered shards

I wandered listlessly, trying get myself back together, my broken life

The sky was dark in the beginning, an inky black

There was a depth to its darkness, like an endless void,

And then slowly, breaking upon the surface, appeared the starts

They shone, they sparkled, they twinkled,

They enthralled me, called out to me, alluringly

And I reached out, stretching my hand

All I wanted was a slight brush of that divineness that they carried,

I reached further, reached out with my last hope,

But when I touched it, it popped, like a bubble,

It broke, like all my dreams

It left me stranded once again, with the darkness,

I was a boat lost at sea, drifting without aim

My nights were darker, but my days darker

My hopes were large, but my failures larger,

And with my tears, my courage bled out

Out went my might, the last of my light

And the stars no longer appeared bright

And then came up the shining moon,

Brightening up the black sky, with its silvery aura,

I tried to avert my gaze, I swear I did

I wasn’t going to be tempted again,

Not into night’s fatal maze,

But there she was in the enchanting Moon,

My mother, my life, her beautiful face like a flower in bloom

And the faded stars, now shone again

My efforts no longer seemed half as vain

My hand stretched out longer this time,

I reached out once again, my heart revived,

My eyes brighter, my wishes greater,

All I reached for was the Moon,

The Moon that didn’t fade away,

The dreams that didn’t shatter,

The light that kept my flame awake.



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