Myrtle Cay – Maybe (part 6)

Francis I fear pauses, stops, discontinuance, freezes, standstill. I don't fear hurdles, I fear halts. I fear those periods of grim blankness that tend to seep in the interim between two phases or activities. I like it when things are on the move. They may move up, they may move down, forward or backward, as... Continue Reading →


Myrtle Cay – Maybe (part5)

Aria and Kenna Each morning I wake up with her on my mind and pain in my heart. At three, in the morning, we were still on the phone. There was an emptiness inside me, and a sharp knife that jabbed the second I moved. Our laugh echoed across the streets, heads turning to look... Continue Reading →

Myrtle Cay – Maybe (part 4)

Kenna The marks are still there, dull, lighter but fully present - white and red, scratchy, and old. They are horrible- no, they are hideous, so hideous that I still can't bear to fully look at them for long without my eyes burning with tears that threaten to spill. But I don't, I swallow them... Continue Reading →

Myrtle Cay – Maybe (part 3)

Aria I┬ácan still feel the heat on myself, tingling my toes first, then crawling up my legs, my arms, coming up to my face. It almost killed me. Almost. My smile was bright, brighter than it had been in a long while. But a lot of things were very bright that day, brighter than they... Continue Reading →

Myrtle Cay – Maybe (part 2)

Aria "I can make you very, very happy, young lady." His lips were stretched in a lopsided, cocky smile, showing the barest hint of a set of perfectly white teeth. His dark hair was tousled and yet perfectly set, in that amazing casual fashion that I almost never understood, the formal fashion that intrigued me.... Continue Reading →

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