Tonight the Streets are Ours

Tonight the Streets are Ours

It’s the title of the book by Leila Sales, and no this isn’t a review of the book. I haven’t even read the book, yet, but I plan on doing so soon. However, that’s not the point. The point is the title. The first time I read it, I fell in love with it, so much so that it compelled me to write this little piece, which is nothing really, but just my first thoughts when I read this title. So here:

Tonight the Streets are Ours,

Tonight the magic of creation,

bends into glistening little stars,

that sparkle with the true essence

of love, laughter and life.

Tonight we interwine our hands,

and take on a sojourn,

a discovery of our most vivid dreams,

we will walk to lands across the sea,

Tonight we will watch a shooting star,

eyes closed, hearts beating as one,

we will wish for a tomorrow,

that lasts till forever, as we will

Tonight the city lights are bright,

and a melody rides the air,

that carries our love, like an arrow

and interlaces us till death do us apart.

Tonight our dreams come true,

colored in prismatic shades,

each emotion wild, each smile bright,

laced with agony that comes with life.

Tonight we jump into the ocean,

a new world calling, a new door opening,

we explore the depths of the raging blue,

and find ourselves in the pearls.

Tonight the bells chime loud and tinkling,

you can hear it above my thudding heart,

that races when you look up with those dark lashes,

your eyes half crystal, half mystery.

Tonight we are a dance, a rhythm,

we are lyrical, like poetry, we flow, like a river

we are free, we are careless, eyes shining with zest,

matching step for step, turns and pivots, claps and taps.

Tonight we are glitter, the sparkling, swirling mess of a snowglobe,

we shine, sprinkled over the near dead petals,

we thrum, we come up and fall down,

like breathing, which is, but, an art.

Tonight we are visible in the seamless sky,

we are endless, we are deep, we sear on touch,

cocooned far off, we are a dreamy vision,

one that lingers right behind dark, dark sleep.

Tonight we are in the art, the galore,

we are strewn across the walls,

we are in the colors, in the burning red

in the splattered lilac, the intricate hearts.

Tonight we are the fragrance, we smell of love,

we carry the rose petals, the myrtles,

we are the wind, we brush against life,

we fly on, hearts thudding, fingers laced.

Tonight we sculpt history, with tender brushes,

in a riot of passionate, poignant hues

we linger, far beyond our days,

we leave imprints on the stories of time.

So take my hand, my love, make a wish,

let’s soar, my dear, the sky is ours,

close your eyes, and dream with me,

exult for we met, exult for we are together,

take my hand, my love, be alive,

For tonight, darling, tonight The Streets as Ours. 





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