Me, uninterrupted

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by.

-Robert Frost

Unconventional, that might be the exact word to describe me as a person, I like to what others don’t, I like to be different, in all senses of the word. Speaking my mind is what comes first to me. I talk, I express and I am not afraid. I am currently living under the huge influence of year sixteen, that probably explains all this passion, this craziness and this dauntless behavior. 

Books are my haven, writing my ultimate paradise. Words on paper speak to me in a way that spoken words don’t. Words help me get over the high school drama existing in my life and transport me to a world where I don’t have to hear the jests of the people that surround me, where I don’t have to hear how rude, how crazy I am 😉

I am a self proclaimed feminist with my own high principles and morals wherein I believe that humanity is the religion we all need to practice and preach. My one grand dream is to be able to do something for humanity, something loud and big, something that leaves an impact and helps change the dynamics.

Lastly, I am totally not serious, philosophical person that I might come off as. I am just as delusional, just as drama queenly, as anyone my age. Nerd chic and fashionista, with a strong affinity for sarcasm, chocolate, ice cream, cheese, history, Paris (my looooooove), the colors purple and teal, Oscar winning movies, and theater.

I am an upcoming author with one published book, which is not much but a collection of all that I wrote till the age of fourteen. Its just a beginning and I hope to get better and better for which feedback and criticism are imperative. 

Here is the Goodreads link and I would love to hear your thoughts

And here is the amazon link

It would be lovely, and I would be deeply grateful if anyone spends a few hours reading it and giving me their honest opinion.

PDF version coming soon!


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