Myrtle Cay – Maybe (part 1)

Francis The darkness surrounding me is cold, cold and damp. My hands are sweaty, my palms clammy as I hold on - hold on for dear life. The earth underneath my fingers is hard, hard and scratchy and there is something sharp embedded deep into it and it cuts my hands, spilling blood. I can’t... Continue Reading →



So I visited a hospital a few days back, don't get me wrong, I am not going to describe it as a first time fun trip. No, not happening. I decided to write about this for various reasons. I am 16 and I have almost never really been to a hospital. I was born in... Continue Reading →

For long, I have kept things burried deep inside me, and suddenly I have discovered that it is breaking me, tearing me apart from the inside and scattering my soul, it is shredding me. Suddenly I have discovered that things do not work that way. Isolation only leads to depression, that overpowering sinking feeling in the... Continue Reading →

One night, two dawns

The light was dim, the cliffs white The flames rose high against the rosy sky, The sharp tang of smoke, the tears in my eyes, Crystal clear, it stays in my head, The fire that took my mother, my life. A broken shell, a lost soul, A heart shattered into a million little pieces, My... Continue Reading →

Begin Again

What if you get two live a day twice? What if you woke up to the same day again? I don't mean the same day as in the regular happenings, the chirping of the birds, the rising of the Sun and the rustling of the tree branches. No, I mean the same day, as in... Continue Reading →

Across the miles

When the wild comes calling, I will stand in the way, And if I fail, I will lament the loss forever, And in my vivid memories, You shall always stay, Your flame just as bright as ever, Your smile just as loved and cherished.

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